Safety Leadership at Work (SLAW)

This program focuses on safety leadership and safety management. Safety leadership is the ‘soft skills’ required to lead people in the workplace where there are risks of physical or psychological health and safety. It involves behaviours that motivate and inspire workers to adopt the business’ safety goals as their own. Safety leadership drives a shift in the values and attitudes of workers towards those that are more helpful for safety. Safety management is focused on the ‘hard skills’ to ensure safety systems are working such as incident investigation, safety audits, hazard identification and risk management. Developed around the LEAD Model, an acronym that summarises the specific skills or competencies that define an effective safety leader. The program is delivered in four phases with specific outcomes which include:

  • Each of the LEAD skills creates a mindset or motivation within workers that enables them to achieve peak performance.
  • Organisations consulted and involved in the development of the program specific to their business and industry
  • Baseline safety culture assessments are conducted
  • Energy Skills Queensland will work with the organisation to interpret and understand the results of their organisation to interpret and understand the results of their organisation’s survey
  • Leveraging information gained from consultations a toolkit will be developed
  • Delivery of the frontline leadership training workshops Follow-up safety culture assessment, repeating the baseline process to measure pre-post change within the organisation

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